Amnesty International jobs: start to work for protecting human rights

Amnesty International Jobs

Amnesty International is an international human rights organization/movement that investigates human rights violations, brings these violations to the attention of the public, seeks the release of “prisoners of conscience” – those who are imprisoned for their beliefs or because of ethnic origin, gender, color or language. Amnesty also advocates a fair trial for political prisoners, an end to torture and ill-treatment of prisoners and prisoners of war, the abolition of the death penalty, respect for the rights of conscripts to alternative civilian services, and the protection of the rights of refugees. The organization follows six main principles, so each future worker also needs to respect it and follow. The main principles are: 

  1. International solidarity; 
  2. Coverage of human rights violations around the world;
  3. Impartiality and independence;
  4. Democracy and mutual respect;
  5. Universality and indivisibility of human rights.

The problem of human rights is so important that’s why Amnesty International tries to hire only people who are really worried about it and are ready to solve the problem.

Working in Amnesty International, you get the moral satisfaction because you are working not only for the organization – you are working for the benefit of all mankind, you are trying to make the world better.

Amnesty International Jobs

The main requirements for applying for Amnesty International jobs

Amnesty International works in dozens of countries around the world, and you can join a local organization Amnesty International in the country where you live. Anyone who has thought about applying should clearly understand that this work requires seriousness and patience. In order to join the international large team for the protection of human rights, the organization put forward certain requirements. A human rights defender is a person with a high sense of responsibility towards other people and society as a whole. Therefore, for a future employee to be hired, he or she should:

  • To be able to sympathize with people.
  • Be ready to talk
  • Have a sense of justice
  • Have good intelligence
  • Fluent in several foreign languages ​​to easily find a common language with the upcoming partner
  • Have experience in the chosen field of activity

A human rights activist needs erudition in the fields of law, history, political science, etc. He or she should closely follow the events of the social and political life of the country and the world.

To build a career in an international organization, you need to plan your professional development for several years ahead, learn languages and develop all skills. But the efforts are justified, because this is an opportunity not only to be at the center of the most pressing problems in society, but also to influence their solution. And another bonus of working in the this sector is the opportunity to implement projects together with colleagues from other countries; You will better understand the culture and characteristics of the regions. And this is invaluable experience and a good portfolio for career growth.

How to apply for Amnesty International jobs

All vacancy announcements are on the official website. To do this, go to https://www.amnesty.org/en/ and find the part of the activity that you are ready for. The organization offers various employment methods.

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