Human Rights Watch jobs. Specialists are required

Human Rights Watch jobs

Human Rights Watch jobs. Human Rights Watch is an independent, non-governmental organization with the main aim of protecting human dignity and rights. The staff of the company consists of people of different professions, including lawyers, journalists, and so on, so people with different backgrounds can find a suitable job offer in the company. Choosing the best candidate for any of the positions, the company will pay attention to his/her interest in human rights and wish to make people’s lives better. The entire Human Watch Rights team is passionate about international human rights protection, so if you think you are ready to follow such a noble aim, you may try to apply for any of the active vacancies. 

Human Rights Watch jobs: topics

So, Human Rights Watch are the defenders of humanity’s most fundamental values. The company is concentrated on defending right in different corners of our planet, including Africa, America, Asia, Europe. So, what can be subject to protection?

  • Business
  • Children’s rights
  • Disability rights
  • Environment
  • Free speech
  • Health 
  • International justice
  • LGBT rights
  • Migrants
  • Refugee rights
  • Women’s rights

The company is working in more than ninety countries, so if you want to have a look at the active vacancies, you can either browse the Human Rights Watch website or go to the United Nations official website, as these two organizations are working together or making people’s lives better. 

Human Rights Watch jobs

Human Rights Watch jobs: what positions are available?

Human Rights Watch jobs seem attractive to many people due to a number of reasons (we’ll talk about those later), so all vacancies are super hot, having a huge number of candidates. If interested in this or that position, you’d better be sure that you are qualified enough for it, as only the best candidates will be selected. So, what job openings are most frequent? As a rule, the company needs human rights researchers, advocates, field investigators, managers, administrative support staff, and so on. Be ready for relocations, as the company’s offices are based around the globe. 

Human Rights Watch jobs: is the experience necessary?

If you are interested in whether you are a good candidate for a position you have selected, the easiest way to clarify it is to check the “Requirements” section. If you are a recent college graduate, you may choose one of the administrative positions. To apply for professional ones, you should have at least several years of working experience. What are the general requirements for almost all positions of the company? 

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Language fluency (if you can speak several, it will be a huge plus)
  • Good organizational skills
  • Good interpersonal skills

Human Rights Watch jobs: benefits

In fact, the benefits of working in Human Rights Watch are numerous. Salaries are competitive, health insurance for all your family is provided, time off is paid, retirement saving contributions are rich. So, what to do to apply for a position? Go to career.un.org, filter the information (and job openings) according to your needs, select the job, provide all the information required, and apply.

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