UN Salary Scale. One more reason for starting work in UNESCO

UN Salary Scale

UN Salary Scale. One of the reasons why many people aspire to work at the UNESCO is, of course, high salaries and social guarantees. Good medical insurance, pension accruals, flexible tax system, allowances. And this is far from everything that the most powerful non-profit organization in the world will offer you. The UN in all countries is represented by a set of agencies, and each oversees its sphere. One protects children’s rights, the second works with women’s rights, the third deals with food, the fourth with health, etc. Each department has own categories with own salary degree. So, if you want to start your carrier in the UN, you should understand that everything depends on you

Who can become a member of the UN?

The UN is a huge employer and offers career opportunities and career path choices comparable to those in large private companies. Although the struggle for most positions is quite intense, with sufficient preparation and a drop of luck you will have a chance to get the job of your dreams in the UN. Starting work in these organizations is the purpose of many successful people. Cause some requirements organizations try to choose the best specialists. There is a list of some of the requirements, which are found in many UN job:

  • Fluency in English or French (these are the working languages of the UN). Knowledge of additional languages, such as Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, or Russian, is also preferred.
  • Bachelor or higher degree. Some general low-level positions (mainly administrative and clerical positions in the General Service category) require only a graduation diploma and, as a rule, suitable work experience, but most UN positions require at least a bachelor’s degree. Many specialized positions require higher academic degrees in the specialty.
  • Experience in a chosen direction. Depending on the position, you may need from 1 to 7 years of working experience.
UN Salary Scale

The level of salary depends only on your education, experience, and job categories. For, example, if your job belongs to Professional and higher categories than your salary will be higher in comparison with Field services or General services. Nevertheless, even in these categories exist the UN Salary Scale.

Which categories exist for UN Salary Scale

Careers at the UN are divided into several categories, each of which has certain requirements in terms of education and area of specialization. Within each category, there are several levels of positions that differ in the requirements for the previous work experience. Based on skills, interests, and experience, there are several categories. It includes Professional and higher categories, General services and related categories, National Professionals, Field Service, and Senior positions. The highest salaries are received by the heads of the commissions and chairmen of the committees. Everything depends on you if a person can show all skills and every day developed it, then a person will be able to go up the career ladder. With carrier growth, people will be moved on the UN Salary Scale and get more money for his/her work.

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