UNESCO Jobs New York. Start to change the world!

UNESCO Jobs New York

Becoming the part of UNESCO’s huge team is a dream for all modern people, who understand its main role and functions. Therefore, everyone who decides to get UNESCO Jobs New York – will be succeeded in this. Both young and experienced people from NY can find a good position based on own skills and knowledge. Not all posts at UNESCO require relocation. Only if you apply for a post from a higher category, it should be flexible when it comes to travels. in case applying for the not higher category, you will not be required for relocation. Therefore, everyone will be able to find a job without moving to another part of the world.

The main requirements for future workers of UNESCO

Nevertheless, the UN has own requirements for future workers. First of all, the person who decided to work in the UN should be creative, modern, following all principles of UNESCO, be ready for changes, have a university degree, and 2 or more years of work experience. If these criteria corresponded to you, then you have great opportunities to join the UN. In the corridors of the United Nations, you can meet people from all over the world, so the UN pays special attention to the candidate’s ability to work in an international team, his social and communication skills – the so-called soft skills. Key organization values include professionalism, integrity, and respect for diversity. Be yourself, develop your skills and persistently follow your goal – then the chance to get a job will be many times higher.

UNESCO Jobs New York

What you need to apply for UNESCO Jobs New York?

  1. Open the link career.un.org and find the “Search Job Openings”.
  2. Set the necessary filters by qualification and select “New York” in the field for the duty station. Then click “Search.”
  3. Check vacancies (you can switch between categories at the top of the table).
  4. Go to inspira.un.org and create a profile and a job application for the selected vacancy.
  5. Return to the vacancy and click “Apply.”

Despite these steps, you also should remember some rules connected with applying for a job.  Your account should be constantly updated, as a minimum once a year. You can update information about yourself in your account if necessary. In such cases, employers will be able to understand that you are still interested in this position. And to be sure that you are still considering the position, representatives of the organization can contact you to tell about the working conditions and get your consent. You must understand that each position has its terms of recruitment – it can take from 1 to 5 months. If your application is approved, you will be invited to an interview, where you will already have to show your skills and knowledge. In cases of non-interviewing, do not worry, you have the opportunity later to try yourself in another profession and prove that you are worthy of the position.

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